[Ifeffit] iFEFFit and Tcl

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Mar 11 09:48:38 CST 2002

Hi Tsu-Chien,

> >>  Has anyone tried to use Tcl/tk 8.4a4 with G.I.FEFFit?
> >
> > Yes.  G.I.FEFFIT works on MacOS X.  Installing the python
> > package from Fink and then building and installing the
> > Ifeffit-python wrapper will install G.I.FEFFIT.
> >
>      What I mean is Tcl/Tk for MacOS X.  Just found this interesting page:
> <http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/mac/2001/10/26/tcl_osx.html?page=4>

Ah, sorry I misunderstood.  I have not tried to build the
Tcl/Tk wrapper on MacOS X, but I'm pretty sure it would be
possible and fairly easy.  In fact, Tcl/Tk is available from
Fink, and installing the python module must also install this,
since python/Tkinter uses Tcl/Tk.

Right now, the Ifeffit build on MacOS X does not try to build
the Tcl extension, but it would be easy to add this.   I
believe it could be as easy as this:
create  TclSetup.in  in ../wrappers/tcl:

LIB_PLT  = -L/sw -lpgplot -L/usr/lib  -lX11  -lpng
LIB_F77  = -lg2c -lm
LIB_IFF  = -L../../src/macosx -lifeffit
INC_IFF  = -I../../src/lib
CC       = gcc
CFLAGS   = -g -O2

and type 'sh Build'.  I believe that 'tclsh test.tcl' will then
work, running a simple test that doesn't do much besides prove
that ifeffit runs from Tcl.

I do not know much about how 'packages' are properly installed
with Tcl/Tk, and haven't been very good about keeping the Tcl
extension up-to-date.   That's mostly because I don't actually
use tcl myself.

If someone else wanted to use tcl and ifeffit together, and/or
take over this module, that would be great!


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