[Ifeffit] Athena runs

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Mar 11 08:20:49 CST 2002

Chuck asked:

 CB> BTW, does Artemis have any requirements, other than its own perl
 CB> files, that are beyond ifeffit/atoms/athena?

Nope.  It works just like athena.  There are a lot of widgets that are
used to generate ifeffit text which gets piped to the ifeffit
library.  Then stuff gets plotted by pgplot.  So if athena works,
artemis will work.

 CB> Now to actually learn a bit about how to -use- ifeffit, tkatoms,
 CB> and athena!

Matt's ifeffit tutorial (see the documents page on the ifeffit site)
is quite nice and will give you an overview of all the main functions.
The reference is also good -- I consult it all the time as I write my
codes.  It is, however, a bit behind the current version.  Still, it's
very useful.

If you have ever used atoms, tkatoms will be quite straightforward.

Athena is lacking documentation.  I am going to post something this
morning under a different subject line which will, I hope, get you


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