[Ifeffit] iFEFFit/PGPlot/AquaTerm

Tsu-Chien Weng tsuchien at umich.edu
Sun Mar 10 18:45:58 CST 2002

Hi Dr. Newville,

>>  Yes, I just tried newplot() with PGPlot/AQT, not in rootless
>> XFree86.  Since I'm a new user, I've not tried many functions
> Wow! That's amazing!  Thanks for the pointers on building this
> PGPLOT driver and using it with ifeffit.  How does it compare
> with the X-Windows output?
     I grabbed few screenshots and put them in
<http://homepage.mac.com/tsuchien/PhotoAlbum2.html>.  They seems fine to 

> As Paul pointed out:
>> ... but now that I have gifeffit running, it is clear that it
>> very much an X11 application and  will be hard to change and
> currently all GUIs for ifeffit require X because they use the
> Tk widget set.  A more native Mac GUI would be possible, but at
> ...
> Since Tk worked on Mac OS9, it might be possible that python/Tk
> could work without X (I had heard that it did, but wasn't

     Thanks for clearing up my thought on G.I.FEFFIT.  I just learn that 
GUI control in Cocoa is similar to uicontrol() in matlab (in some 
ways).  To write a native GUI will be an interesting project, but my 
beamtime at BioCAT is next Wednesday.  Hope I can find more time after 


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