[Ifeffit] iFEFFit/PGPlot/AquaTerm

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Sun Mar 10 16:40:34 CST 2002

Hi Tsu-Chien,

> > 3. Has anyone run ifeffit using aquaterm?
>  Yes, I just tried newplot() with PGPlot/AQT, not in rootless
> XFree86.  Since I'm a new user, I've not tried many functions
> in iFEFFit.

Wow! That's amazing!  Thanks for the pointers on building this
PGPLOT driver and using it with ifeffit.  How does it compare
with the X-Windows output?

As Paul pointed out:

> ... but now that I have gifeffit running, it is clear that it
> very much an X11 application and  will be hard to change and
> the new environment would seem to be much more productive
> than the command line ifeffit (which I also must say I liked).
> I think it would a good idea to leave it up to the user and
> leave the aquaterm library option open though.

currently all GUIs for ifeffit require X because they use the
Tk widget set.  A more native Mac GUI would be possible, but at
this point, the portability of Tk is a big plus (athena and
gifeffit work on Mac, Win32, and linux with no change to the
code).  But I'm all for trying out the aquaterm!

Since Tk worked on Mac OS9, it might be possible that python/Tk
could work without X (I had heard that it did, but wasn't
necessarily easy to do, and believe that the Fink version of
python requires X).  If that's so, then with aquaterm/PGPLOT it
might mean that command-line ifeffit and gifeffit could
possibly work without X.  Sounds like some work, though...

>  Has anyone tried to use Tcl/tk 8.4a4 with G.I.FEFFit?

Yes.  G.I.FEFFIT works on MacOS X.  Installing the python
package from Fink and then building and installing the
Ifeffit-python wrapper will install G.I.FEFFIT.


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