[Ifeffit] Mac OS X: athena, tkatoms, gifeffit all working!

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Mar 8 10:39:04 CST 2002


After installing perl/Tk, tkatoms (3.0beta5) installed without
problems.  Since I had already installed the ifeffit perl
extension, and
   perl -e 'use Ifeffit;'

was already working without complaint, the tkatoms interface to
ifeffit ran fine.  I also verified that a 'Powder' calculation
ran and plotted to its canvas, and that the Chantler, Elam, and
CL resources worked for absorption calcs. I couldn't get a plot
in the DAFS window, but that could be operator error.

After this, I reinstalled the ifeffit perl extension (though it
may not have been necessary), and ...
   athena runs.

It seemed to run perfectly, though I didn't try everything.
There is a problem with athena saving hardcopies, but I think
that will be easy to fix.

In short, I believe everything is working on MacOS X.

The necessary ingredients seem to be:
  From  http://fink.sourceforge.net/
      fink components: rootless X-windows, an X window manager
                       (eg, orobus, sawfish, windowmaker), g77,
                       python, and PGPLOT.

  From  http://www.Lehigh.EDU/~sol0/Macintosh/X/ptk/
     the perl/Tk fix for dyld
     follow instructions carefully!!!

  From http://cpan.perl.com/
     perl's Tk800    build from source:
     > Perl Makefile.PL ; sudo make install

  From http://feff.phys.washington.edu/~ravel/software/exafs/
     tkatoms  build from source:
     > Perl Makefile.PL ; sudo make install

  From  http://cars.uchicago.edu/ifeffit
     ifeffit.tar.gz, unpack and install:
     base lib:
     > tar xvzf ifeffit.tar.gz
     > cd ifeffit_1.0b/src/macosx
     > make
     > sudo make install

     perl extension + athena:
     > cd ../../wrappers/perl
     > perl Makefile.PL
     > sudo make install

     python extension + gifeffit:
     > cd ../../wrappers/python
     > sudo python setup.py install

  Edit .cshrc, adding
     if (! $?DISPLAY) setenv DISPLAY 0.0
     setenv PGPLOT_DEV /xwindow   # PGPLOT window dies with ifeffit
     setenv PGPLOT_DEV /xserve    # PGPLOT window stays up.

  Then, with X-Darwin running, tkatoms, ifeffit, gifeffit, and
  athena should all run from a normal Terminal.app.

I haven't tried these steps on a fresh MacOS X box, so there
may be a missing step or two.

Thanks Chuck, Francois, Paul, and Bruce for all the help.
Now, can anyone else get all this to work?


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