[Ifeffit] How to run ifeffit from terminal.app

Charles Bouldin charles.bouldin at nist.gov
Thu Mar 7 05:57:27 CST 2002

Thanks to helpful folks on usenet, who seem amused that Maccies are 
starting to ask such basic questions, here is how to run ifeffit from 

>: Wow, this sounds close to a solution to something I've been puzzling
>: over. I have Xwindows installed and I can use pgplot from an xterm
>: running under XDarwin, but I can NOT run pgplot from Terminal.app. If I
>: try I get a message:
>: PGPLOT /xw: cannot connect to X server
>: I tried putting the DISPLAY=:0.0 export DISPLAY into .xinitrc and
>: .cshrc, to no avail. Basically, I don't know what I'm doing here :) and
>: I am just blundering about.
>That command is for sh/bash, not tcsh.  For tcsh, you want
>   setenv DISPLAY :0.0
>If you're going to put it in your .cshrc file, then use
>   if( ! $?DISPLAY ) setenv DISPLAY :0.0
>so it won't override DISPLAY if it's already set, such as by
>a forwarded X11 connection.

There were several interesting replies, one of which was basically, 
"I know how to fix it, but I refuse to use c shells". What's -that- 

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