[Ifeffit] Status of ifeffit, atoms, athena, etc on MacOS X

Charles Bouldin charles.bouldin at nist.gov
Wed Mar 6 12:48:29 CST 2002

This may be the first message on the mailing list? It is a message 
mostly composed of questions:

I have ifeffit and atoms running just fine on MacOS X, thanks to 
Francois' hard work figuring some things out and Matt's quick port of 

1. Does anyone have Athena running?

2. Is anyone able to run ifeffit from Terminal.app, as opposed to 
running it from an xterm? When I try this, I get an error message, 
"PGPLOT /xw: cannot connect to X server". When I do ps -aux | grep 
pgp I see a process

charlesb  3239   0.0  0.1    67316    672 std- S      0:00.04 
/sw/pgplot/pgxwin_server -display :0.0

so clearly  I need to something to tell terminal.app about the pgplot 
server? Anyone have advice on this? I just don't know where to look 
beyond this point.

Why do I care about this distinction? (1) Terminal.app supports 
cut/copy/paste, (2) terminal.app is scriptable, which means that you 
can define define macros, or use script menu to put in common command 
blocks. In principle, this means that you could use Applescript 
studio to control ifeffit from a mac-native gui.

3. Has anyone run ifeffit using aquaterm?

I'm very heartened by the recent rapid progress and hope that it can continue.

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