[Ifeffit] Artemis and Athena

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Jul 25 16:42:18 CDT 2002

Hi Folks,

I belive that I have solved the problems that I discussed earlier
today for athena and artemis on both windows and unix.  I have
uploaded new tarballs and windows executables to the "downloads"

Mark Jensen and Raul Barrea have confirmed that the windows
executables posted today work as expected when you drop them into an
existing Ifeffit distribution.  Thanks guys!

Sher Alam informed me of the problem with the missing module in the
tarballs.  I believe that I have solved that problem, but I would be
grateful if you would let me know how it works for you, Sher.

I also fixed yet another problem with merging in energy space which
was discovered by Shelly Kelly.  I believe that I have it working
correctly now, but I am sure someone will let me know if that's not
the case!  This bug is fixed in today's tarballs AND Windows

Thanks to Mark, Raul, Sher, and Shelly.  I am, as always, quite


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