[Ifeffit] athena / artemis

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Jul 25 08:17:26 CDT 2002

Hi folks,

On Monday I was rushing to get updated versions of Athena and Artemis
finished so I could go on a two day trip to NSLS on Tuesday and
Wednesday.  In my rush, I posted broken versions of Athena and Artemis
on my web site.  Upon my return, I found my mailbox overflowing with
reports of problems.

For the Windows users:
  I belive that Matt correctly identified the problem.  I, of course,
  installed the logos for the splashscreens on *my* computer, but
  forgot that no one else would have them installed on theirs.  That's
  none too bright!  Matt sent me personal email while I was gone
  stating that he is almost ready to release 1.0073.  So here is what
  I propose.  I'll build new executables that do not use the
  splashscreens and wait for 1.0073 to release that feature.  In the
  future, I'll try very hard to remember to post any new files that
  need to go into the distribution.  Thanks to Mark Jensen, Raul
  Barrea, and Matt for downloading the executables and reporting back
  with their problems.

For the Unix users:
  The splashscreens appear to be a problem for unix types as well.
  The code which handles the splashscreen makes use of a perl module
  that I had thought was part of the standard distribution but which,
  in fact, is not.  The solution is simple.  I'll include the missing
  module in the source tarballs for athena and artemis and post the
  new tarballs later today.  Thanks to Sher Alam for pointing out this

I'll send mail out to the list later today when the new executables
and tarballs are in place.  Once again, thanks to all of you for
taking the time to provide feedback.  Your help is very much


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