[Ifeffit] serious athena bug fix

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Jul 22 17:15:24 CDT 2002

Hi folks,

Today Shelly Kelly pointed out a serious bug in the code that merges
spectra.  Spectra merged as mu(E) or norm(E) have not ever been
calculated correctly.  There were several problems -- the worst was
that the e0 shifts for all groups involved in the merge were ignored.
This resulted in numerous problems with the merged spectra.

I think I have fixed the problem -- at least the sample data that
Shelly gave me now gets merged correctly.  There is a new source
tarball on my web site.

I also added a couple of trivial features to both athena and artemis.
The first is a splash-screen, i.e. something to look at in those
endless seconds between double clicking on the icon and having the
program spring to life on the screen.  I also added several keyboard
shortcuts for common tasks in both programs.  You can see what these
are by examining the menus in the menubar.

I also added something new to my web site.  Athena and Artemis change
much faster than Ifeffit these days.  The bad part of this is that
Windows users don't get to take advantage of my updates as often as
unix and OSX users.  So today I added a section to the downloads page
with links to the executables of my four programs.  I doubt I will
update the executables as often as I update the source tarballs.  But
when I do, I'll post the executables on the downloads page.

The idea of these individual executables is that you replace the
executable in the C:\Program Files\Ifeffit\ folder with the new one.
These executables now found on my downloads WILL NOT RUN CORRECTLY
outside the context of a properly installed ifeffit package.  But if
you have installed Ifeffit using the installer from Matt's web page,
you will be able to drop my new executables in place.


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