[Ifeffit] artemis and athena updates

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Jul 17 17:37:14 CDT 2002

Hi folks,

So, today I tried to actually analyze some data that is long overdue
for some attention.  I didn't get much analysis done, but I did find
and fix lots of bugs in Artemis and Athena.

  ** fixed a bug which precluded using third or fourth cumulants in
     fits (that was rather serious!)
  ** clicking buttons in the plot options section does redisplay
  ** data gets plotted in R when reading data files, project files, or
     feffit.inp files
  ** fixed a bug which made every item in the "select paths for
     fitting" menu fail
  ** title lines now get correctly restored from project files
  ** a few internal changes that affect how fits get run and results
     get displayed

  ** now using the sort argument to read_data, as was discussed in
     some mail earlier today
  ** disable "save as" menu items for spaces that do not make sense for
     the current record
  ** fixed a bug in how markers get displayed in energy plots
  ** fixed a few other minor bugs, see CHANGES file for details

New source tarballs are now on my website.


  I have been working pretty hard lately on the codes and making lots
  of releases.  Indeed, this is my fourth tarball announcement during
  July!  That's the open-source philosophy -- "release early and
  often".  I don't really expect everyone to update their system
  everytime I announce a new tarball.  Therefore, I am trying to make
  it clear what the major changes are so you can decide if you need to

  Athena and Atoms are pretty stable these days -- you probably only
  need to upgrade if a change addresses a bug that you have noticed
  yourself.  Artemis, on the other hand, is changing pretty
  dramatically.  Each release lately has addressed some serious
  usability issues.  It may even be useful soon ;-)

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