[Ifeffit] new source tarball for Artemis

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Tue Jul 16 09:42:01 CDT 2002

Hi folks,

I posted a new source tarball for Artemis on my website.  Lots of
improvements this time, including:

** a check to see that all guess parameters are used and that all math
   expressions use parameters that have been defined
** rearrangement and improvement (I hope!) of the page for defining
   guess, def, and set parameters
** fixed more problems that cropped up after deleting individual feff
   paths or entire feff calculations.  I know I said I had fixed this
   in the last release, but this time I think I mean it!!
** many more features of Artemis can operate on the group of selected
   paths, including deletion of paths, exporting path parameter
   values, and editing path parameter values
** fixed a problem where, in certain situations, the array containing
   the background function refined during a fit was overwritten by
   another array.  This resulted in messed up plots after doing fits
   with background refinements.
** and a bunch of minor things -- see the CHANGES file for details

A windows update will follow soon.


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