[Ifeffit] athena and artemis updates

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Aug 26 14:21:38 CDT 2002

Hi Folks,

I have just posted new source tarballs and windows executables for
both athena and artemis.  Both packages have significant new features
and bug fixes.

Please read the two special notes at the end of this announcement
regarding a couple of bugs that I know about.

I will be on vacation the rest of this week -- so I don't want anyone
finding new bugs until next week!

  1. fixed a problem that prevented one from plotting a chi(k) record
     (such as from feff's chi.dat file)
  2. fixed a problem in which unmatched parentheses in the header of a
     data file would seemingly cause Athena to hang.  Please note,
     that this was fixed by having Athena append the necessary close
     parens to title lines with unmatched open parens (i.e. by having
     Athena alter some title lines!)
  3. Several usability improvements, including ability to specify a
     data or project file from the command line, remembering
     preprocessing parameters between files, and remembering the name
     of an input project file and using it as the default for saving a
     project file.
  4. When records are saved as mu(E) or norm(E) column data, the e0
     shift is applied before saving
  5. project files now identify the operating system, perl version,
     and ifeffit version used to create the file.  This makes project
     files more useful to me when submitting them with bug reports.
     (This was done without affecting compatibility in either
     direction.)  (This is also a new feature in Artemis.)
  6. several minor bug fixes

  1. The big box on the feff page is now filled with a schematic
     interpretation of the feff calculation.  SS and colinear MS paths
     are highlighted and right-mouse clicking over a path description
     pops up a useful menu
  2. Began work on a templating system.  This means that you can read
     in some data and a feff calculation, then select, say, the
     "FirstShell" template and Artemis will fill in guess, set, and
     path parameters with a model that should run to completion and
     may even be a decent stab at the fit you want to do.  Note that
     the "Templates" menu does nothing on Windows at this time.
     Although this is undocumented, you can poke at it to see how it
  3. Changed the color of the "fit" and "ff2chi" buttons.  (See the
     screenshot mentioned above)
  4. Several bug fixes and minor usability improvements.

For complete details see the change logs in the tarballs or at 

OSX users:
  It is the intended behavior of Athena and Artemis to remember the
  path whenever you use a file dialog and to use that path as the
  default the next time you use a file dialog.  I am told that Athena
  does not behave this way on OSX.  I am aware of the problem, but
  have not yet worked to fix it.

All users:
  On your computer, there are probably a few seconds between the
  outline of Athena or Artemis window appearing on your screen and
  having all the features of the window be completely rendered.  In
  that time, it is tempting to "jump the gun" and hit control-f so
  that the file dialog will appear just as soon as perl/Tk finishes
  rendering all the widgets.  Doing this cause a minor race condition
  that will impede Athena's ability to monitor how much memory you are
  using and cause many scary-looking messages to be written to
  standard output.  I haven't figured out how to prevent one from
  doing this, so my advice for the moment is to be patient and let the
  program finish rendering before using keyboard shortcuts.


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