[Ifeffit] athena and artemis under Mac OS X 10.2

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Mon Aug 26 09:37:44 CDT 2002

I have successfully installed 10.2 on my Mac and found that, after a 
recompile readline is just fine.  The only problem I am having is with 
Tk which is broken due to trouble with the new dynamic linker library.  
The author of the last hacked dyld loader Stephen.O.Lidie at lehigh.edu is 
working on a new version of dyld as we speak (write).  It should be done 
tomorrow (hopefully) he says.  What I wanted to add here is to warn 
people *not* to use to old hacked version of dyld on the new 10.2 as it 
will almost certainly break the system (e.g. every command as well as 
the OS uses the dynamic library loader).  I will let the list know when 
things are working.  For the moment I have my pismo laptop running 
10.1.5 until I get this sorted out on my dual 500 MHz G4 desktop.  Mac 
OS X 10.2 does seem nice and fast!


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