[Ifeffit] athena 2002.08.08 and artemis 2002.08.08 released

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Aug 9 13:41:37 CDT 2002

Howdy folks,

This afternoon I put new source tarballs of Athena and Artemis on my
website.  I also build Windows executables of both programs for
dropping on top of a current ifeffit installation (with the
Splashscreen commented out!).  These can be found in the standard

These are mostly bug fix releases, although each program got one major
new feature.

For Athena the highlights are:
  1. the column selection dialog now makes a stab at figuring out if
     you have transmission or fluorescence data.  How it does this is
     configurable (so that it'll work well on your data files) but
     currently undocumented.  Ask on this list if you want to know.
  2. fixed a bug in the auto-align feature wherein the e0 shift of the
     alignment standard was ignored
  3. fixed a horrid bug in the merge code where I added the e0 shift
     to the k-array when merging in k.  (yikes!)
  4. write a message to the Echo area if the plot multiplier is set to
     0, which is usually not a good choice
  5. added some complicated logic to avoid plotting groups if any
     relevant range is backwards.  For example, if fft_kmin is greater
     than fft_kmax for a group, that group will not be plotted in R or
     q space and a (hopefully) helpful message will be printed to the
     echo area.
  6. a few other minor problems were fixed and some usability issues
     on Windows were addressed (mostly having to do with raising small
     windows to the top of the screen)

For Artemis the highlights are:
  1. If you right-click on a word in one of the entry boxes for path
     parameter math expressions on a Path page, a menu will pop up
     which allows you to easily set that word as a parameter.  It's
     very useful, but a little hard to explain.  Here are some screen
     shots that might help:
     In the first picture, I right-clicked on the word "amp".  After
     selecting the "guess" option from the menu, the view is switched
     to the GDS page and focus is given to highlighted box so you can
     start typing.  This feature works sensibly for parameters which
     already exist and for those that have not yet been defined.
  2. fixed a problem which prevented saving path data in any space
  3. fixed a problem reading a project file with multiple feff
  4. a few other fixes to functionality and usability

Extra special thanks to Mark Jensen, Paul Fons, and Kumi Pandya for
useful bug reports and to Shelly Kelly for suggesting the right-click
thing in Artemis.

Enjoy and, as always, let me know what needs fixin'

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