[Ifeffit] Perl 5.8 and Atoms

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Thu Aug 1 02:31:56 CDT 2002

I solved my problem with Atoms installation and perl 5.8 under Mac OS X 
10.1.5.  It turns out the problem was fink having a precompiled binary
(the binary versions of perl 5.61 and 5.8 are incompatible) that was 
pointed to by an environment variable.  The solution is just to (as 
superuser) rebuild
the relevant module (there is only one).  The steps to do so are 
reproduced below.

mv /sw/lib/perl5/darwin/Storable.pm /tmp
mv /sw/lib/perl5/darwin/auto/Storable /tmp
fink rebuild storable-pm

Back to real work...

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