[Ifeffit] Reverse Monte Carlo

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Wed Apr 10 21:10:27 CDT 2002

Athena and ifeffit are all running fine (now I am just waiting for 
artemis) so I thought I
would ask a silly question about reverse monte carlo.  I have taken 
multiple edge data on a (nearly
amorphous) buffer layer comprised of S, O, and Zn.  I was wondering 
about applying reverse monte carlo
to look at some prototypical structures.  Has anyone ever used Rmca 
I found this using SINCRIS at the IUCr which stated that there were unix 
and vms versions of the software.  On the
ftp server I only found a os independent fortran program (which relies 
apparently on os dependent subroutines for which
only vms and windows NT are available on the site).  Is there a real 
unix version out there?  Any opinions on the
value of rmc for getting an idea of what is going on structure wise?

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