[Ifeffit] Xanes peaks fitting with Athena: no data on output

Ismael Graff graff at fisica.ufpr.br
Tue Jun 9 20:55:08 CDT 2009

Hi dears,

I was using Athena (Ifeffit version 1.2.11) to fit XANES peaks and it
worked very well. But, at the end when I try to "save fit as data group"
the output is empty (or almost). The only thing that I get when I save the
group data as "norm(E)" is the following:

# Athena multicolumn data file -- Athena version 0.8.056
# This file contains normalized mu(E) from:
# Peak hnvp (column 2)
#  energy Peak_hnvp

I have no data in the output! Also, when I click the "save fit as data
group" button, the plot window becomes blank/white, without plots! I
have to have the fits to put them on a high-quality figure for publication.
Interestingly, the fits appear in the plot window but I can not get the
data corresponding to the fits. I can just save the window as GIF or PS
files, and it works well. I use Athena on windows XP and Vista and the
problem is the same for both. I´ve attached my data file in case someone
would like to have a look on it.
For sure I´m doing something stupid and I don´t see where is the fail!

All the best, Ismael.

Ismael Leandro Graff

Departamento de Física - UFPR
Centro Politécnico, CP 19044
81531-990, Curitiba, Brazil.
Tel: +55 41 3361 3427
Fax: +55 41 3361 3418
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