[Ifeffit] Give me some advices

wang.kefan at gmail.com wang.kefan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 04:22:02 CST 2007

I have used the Athena 0.8.054 to processing the EXAFS data of Ge quantum
dots. You can find the .prj file in the attachment. In fact, they are a
seriers of samples with or without annealing at high temperature.
Surely, the data after annealing is difficult to deal with. Please do not
hesitate to give me some advices! Such as the issues on normalization,
deglitching, truncating, etc. Thanks a lot.

PS, I think this is a good way to exchange experiences and learn knowledges.

Kefan Wang
School of Physics and Electronics
Henan University, 475004
E-mail: kfwang at henu.edu.cn; wang.kefan at gmail.com
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