[Ifeffit] different edge step by linux and window vista

Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Wed Dec 12 12:40:52 CST 2007

Hi Shanshan,

A few questions:

  1. Are the normalization orders the same?  (Click the Show additional parameters button in the background removal section to see that parameter.)
  2. Are the values of spline clamps the same.  (Also visible among the additional parameters.)
  3. Are the numerical values associated with the spline clamps the same?  (The values are set among the preferences.  Look for the Clamp group on the preferences dialog.)

Another thing to look at is the contents of the Ifeffit buffer immediately after making those plots.  Are there any obvious differences in the commands sent to Ifeffit on the two platforms?


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Dear all,

It seems there is a problem when I use athena to open the file under the
windows vista environment.
According to the specific scan channel, the data gave the big different
edge step by linux and windows.(Other parameters are similar), and the
figures seem strange(I do not know what caused it). Now I am sending the
screen-shot that I see. Please help me about that.

Thank a lot.

Shanshan Liu

BCPS Dept.
Illinois Institute of Technology 

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