[Ifeffit] problems with opennig of data files with Athena

Iztok Arčon iztok.arcon at p-ng.si
Tue Dec 11 06:01:50 CST 2007

Dear Bruce,

today I found a serious problem with Athena on my computer: I cannot 
open any data files.
If I use standard open command, nothing happens, only  the following  
message appears:

Tk::Error: can't call method "writeConfig" on an undefined value at 
athena line 21584

Any ideas what to do?
I already reinstalled iffefit

on my windows XP system

Athena can still open old projects, but no individual data files

thanks for help in advance
best regards

Iztok Arcon
University of Nova Gorica
Vipavska 13, POB 301
5001 Nova Gorica, Slovenia

tel: +386 5 331 5227
fax: +386 5 331 5240
e-mail: iztok.arcon at p-ng.si

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