[Ifeffit] Global parameters mapping with EXAFS

Wojciech Gawelda Wojciech.Gawelda at ipmc.unil.ch
Tue Aug 19 13:23:29 CDT 2003

Recently I have come across some publications (Chance, et al.,
Biochemistry, 1996, 35, 9014-9023) where people have used global
parameter mapping techniques with EXAFS in order to refine the obtained
metal-ligand bond distances. If I’m right the code they developed was
called AUTOFIT 1.0. Does anyone of you know whether this code is freely
available on the web? Or if not, does anyone of you know about similar
codes which are being used in EXAFS analysis.
Please let me know about this issue and help me to find out more about
this approach.
Have a nice day!
Wojciech Gawelda
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